Let Geo Surveying help you with advice and surveys for your property...


If you need to know exactly where your property boundaries are, Geo Surveying would love to help you with an Identification Survey.


Geo Surveying can make sure you know the exact boundaries of the property you are buying and check for any encroachments with an Identification Survey. You may also need to identify the contours of your new property for planning and design purposes. Geo Surveying can help you out with a Contour and Detail Survey.


If you need to move a boundary of your property for any reason, you will need a Boundary Realignment Survey. Geo Surveying will also prepare the Plans you will need to lodge with Government and Council.


To avoid potential neighbourhood disputes and costly encroachments, it is very important to establish the exact location for your expensive new fence or wall before it is erected. Ask Geo Surveying to prepare an Identification Survey for this purpose.


There are two types of Surveys that you will need to help you plan, design and position a new extension to your home. Contour and Detail Survey to establish the ground levels for the area; and a Building Location Survey to accurately determine the position of your existing building in relation to the property boundaries.


Let Geo Surveying help you to mark out the new lots and easements for your sub-division and prepare the Plans you need to lodge with the Government and Council.  Please request a Land Subdivision Survey.


Let Geo Surveying accurately mark the boundaries of your property easement with an Identification Survey.


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