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Expert Property and Land Surveying on the Sunshine Coast

At Geo Surveying, we draw on our extensive experience in the industry to provide a wide range of first rate land and property surveying services to customers in the Sunshine Coast Region. We use all the latest equipment and software for data processing and presentation, delivering to you a dedicated and up to date service.

Land Surveying

We offer a wide range of land surveying services including:
  • Identification Surveys to remark property boundaries
  • Lease Surveys of commercial and industrial premises
  • Building format Surveys
  • Contour and Detail Surveys 
  • Land subdivision 
  • Easements Surveys
  • Boundary realignment
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Land lease
  • Location certificates
  • License Area Surveys
  • Sales disclosure plans
  • Amalgamation Surveys
Land survey in progress


We can deliver the following range of specialised surveying services for building purposes:
  • Building set-outs
  • Volume (quantity) Surveys and calculations for earthworks, stockpiles and capacity determination
Engineer checking the land level

Community Title Schemes

We can assist you with the following community title schemes:
  • Building format plans
  • Advice on all Community Title Schemes from duplex to complex residential and commercial projects
  • Standard format (with common property)
  • Service location diagrams
  • Licence and lease plans
  • Volumetric Surveys to facilitate layered schemes, easements etc.
  • Sales Disclosure plans
Machine being used at the construction site

For more information on any of our services, or to discuss your next project requirements, please contact Geo Surveying today!

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